Conversion Rate
Optimization (CRO)

Hey there! I've got some cool ways to make websites better for businesses. Here's what I do:

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is about turning website visitors into customers by making strategic changes to your site or landing pages. It involves understanding your audience, optimizing your website or landing pages, and continually testing and iterating to maximize conversions. With CRO, you can unlock your website’s full potential and drive meaningful results for your business.
Checking Things Out: First, I look at websites to see how they can get more people to buy stuff. But before I start, I need to talk with you or your team to understand your business better. I’ll also need to check out things like your website, Analytics tools, Heat mapping tools, Customer Service tickets, and more to get all the info I need.
Making Changes: Once I know what needs to be done, I’ll make the website better by changing how it looks and works. I’m pretty good at using different design tools and can do both simple and fancy changes. Most of the websites I work on are hosted on places like Shopify, WordPress, Webflow, Hubspot, and others. Before I start, I’ll decide which changes are the most important to do first. Some will go straight onto your website, and others will be tested first to make sure they work well.
Testing Stuff: After making changes, I’ll test them out to see if they really help get more people buying things. I like using convert.com for this, but I also know about other testing tools like VWO and Optimizely. I like testing because it helps me show that my ideas are actually making your website better at getting more sales.


You need to provide me the Shopify store login information, your logo, and content for your website including text, images, videos, etc.

I think for making a Brain healthy we need to learn new skills and implement them for practical results. I love to research Youtube, Blogs, Forums, checking websites to collect design and functional ideas.

Yes of course, I will be available for little changes and updates for your website after Delivery.

I design and develop any kind of Shopify store/website i.e different kinds of services websites, one-product stores , etc

Yes I do.

As many as necessary to achieve at least 10% lift from baseline after around 200 clicks on the variation page. It can either be 1, 2 or 3 even 5 tests until this happens, depends on the case.

Clients usually experience lifts ranging from 15% to 90% in registration rates, attendance rates, and sales rates. Results depend on how complete, persuasive your funnel is right now and how RELEVANT it is to your audience.

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